All Orders over $9 will get 500 likes FREE for today. 100 likes each will be offered to last 5 pics for free or any other way you like.

All Orders are completed within few hours but sometimes it might take upto 24 hours. Please be patient. Thanks!!

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What will the comments look like?

All comments will be positive and short. For eg- Cool, Thumbs up, Great Pics,Love the quality etc etc. Please note that we do not do post negative comments.

Do you provide Real Likes?

Yes, you will get Permanent Instagram Likes

Do you provide Real Instagram Followers?

The followers are real accounts but not necessarily active followers. Active followers tend to unfollow overtime simply because they are paid followers. So, basically, you will get real looking Instagram followers and not necessarily real/active followers. Don't worry, we will add most followers from accounts that are more than a year old. Moreover, the real looking followers will have profile pics, bio, background and followers so no one will be able to tell that they are real looking followers and not active followers. (although very few are real but we can't always promise active accounts) The real looking followers that we are delivering right now will be permanent. We guarantee to replace followers that unfollow if any. You can contact us anytime within a month for free replacement. Moreover, all followers will stick and you will get them at reduced prices too. Our experience says that real/active followers will unfollow sooner or later and you will have to spend upto $30 for just 1000 followers. You dont always need real followers to get your numbers up and to effectively get more Instagram followers. All you need is a jump start. A good number of followers that dont necessarily have to be real or active. So, our new packages that offer real looking followers will give you the most value for your money and great boost to your followings. When you get bulk instagram followers, people will get attracted towards your profile, and want to have friendship with you, want to follow you, communicate with you and you could have a celebrity feeling! Simple saying, more instagram followers means more trustworthy you are. Even if you have thousands of followers, getting thousands more will bring some life to your profile. Instagram is the 4th most widely used social media website today. Our affordable prices start at just $3.90 for 500 permanent and legitimate looking followers at fastest delivery time. Our packages are extremely inexpensive when you take into account the value of having a successful presence on Instagram. Almost all Instagram orders are completed within few hours itself. Extra bonus on all orders: We always overdeliver followers and likes. You will be pleased :)

Why Buy Instagram Followers and Buy Instagram Likes From Us?

Just because you're keeping up with the times and incorporating social media into your day doesn't mean you're getting results. Perhaps you're using social media for business purposes so having followers and likes really makes a big difference in garnering attention to you and your site. Buying Instagram followers has endless benefits. You might want to build your numbers quickly it might be as simple as the fact you want to show off to your friends just how "popular" your pictures have become or you might be trying to build awareness in your company. Its the shortest route to build your social status. Infact, it has been observed that people naturally follow those with thousands of followers rather than someone with only few hundred followers. When people notice that thousands are following you, they will naturally follow you as well. This is a well proven technique that even celebrities use to increase their social presence. So, this just adds to your popularity and opens you up to even more contacts who will end up becoming followers and adding likes to your Instagram, like a domino effect. Secondly, it will save you loads of time. Buying instagram followers is a fast and efficient way of getting more followers instead of having to follow thousands of people in hopes that they will follow you back in return. Now, this is really the easiest way to increase your social presence. In short, you will become popular within in a day and get instant bragging rights :)

How to Order?

Simply select your package, enter your instagram username or instagram link to picture and click on “Buy Now” button and we will take care of the rest. No password. No Following back. You won't have to do anything else. We will send you a notification email within 24 hours (actually much sooner) as soon as your order is completed.

How to get link of the photo?

You need to go to webstagram or link and find your account and then click on the image you want to buy likes for. Copy the url from the address bar and insert it in the form. If you are still not sure, just provide your instagram username while ordering and we will take care of the rest.

Since I just placed an order, how long should I have to wait till I get my new Instagram followers/likes?

While it’s impossible to give out a exact timetable, we hope that you’ll allow up to 24 to 48 hours for delivery. In almost all cases we are able to deliver the order inside of just a few hours, but this timetable allows room for any unpredictable problem.

Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?

We know you'll be extremely pleased with the amount of Instagram likes and followers we'll get for you which is why we also offer a 100% money back guarantee. Just in case for some reason we aren't able to deliver the likes and followers on time, you know you're protected. If we fail to deliver on time, you will get to keep the money and we will deliver the order too. This guarantee only applies to providing the followers being delivered within the delivery time frame. And to keep things real simple for you we accept all kinds of payment methods, including credit card, debit card and PayPal. When building your numbers it is important you do it the right way because if you use a non-reputable company to purchase likes and followers, you could end up getting your profile banned which completely negates the entire purpose. We have satisfied customers from around the world and most of our customers return again to order more packages.